Abstract: The development of new sequencing platforms and the combination of omics assays creates exciting opportunities for formulating and answering new scientific questions that were previously difficult to address. In this seminar I will present new methods and bioinformatics tools for the integration of multiomics data to infer multi-layered systems biology models, with application to the modeling of autoimmune disease progression. I will also present the Functional Iso-transcriptomics (FIT) framework (SQANTI, IsoAnnot and tappAS), that combines third-generation sequencing technologies with high-throughput positional function prediction and novel statistical methods to unravel the functional impact of the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression.

Venue: Sala d’actes de la FiB, Campus Nord

Bioinfo4Women seminars / SORS

Venue: Barcelona

Date: 11/06/2019

Time: 11:00

Host: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Multiomics and Third Generation Sequencing, at the forefront of genomics research


Ana Conesa

PhD, UF Preeminence Professor Bioinformatics, Genetics Institute and Microbiology and Cell Science Department, University of Florida, USA

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