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On 24 November 2022, the UOC podcast “Despacho 42” featured guests Maria José Rementería and Atia Cortés in an episode dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside professors César Córcoles, Daniel Riera and Susanna Tesconi. They discussed personalised or precision medicine, biases in algorithms and the ethics of new AI-based technologies.Another topic covered was disinformation and missinformation:

  • We work to identify patterns and profiles to discover how disinformation campaigns are produced and what techniques are used with the aim of giving tools to fact-checkers so that they can do their work in a more agile and efficient way.
    more agile and effective“.

They also spoke about the inclusivity efforts done by the Life Sciences department of the BSC:

  • The aim of the Bioinfo4women programme is for women researchers to reach positions of responsibility so that there is diversity at all levels“.

The conclusions made were:

  • There is a need for fighting misinformation.
  • Promoting the work and inclusion of women and people from minority groups within the health and scientific fields.
  • AI is not biased, our world and the data we create and feed algorithms with are.
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