Abstract: The Life Sciences department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center created the Bioinfo4Women (B4W) programme in 2018 with the aim to enhance gender awareness, in particular in the areas of Personalised Medicine, Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing. For this, B4W is building an international network of outstanding women researchers with training and mentoring plans, study visits at our center and webinars, and thereby multiplying their impact in the society. In addition, the programme is involved in different research projects related to biomedicine with a focus on sex and gender issues, in particular sex and gender differences and biases in biomedical data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will present some of the most recent research achievements of the BSC Life Sciences department and B4W in this area, including our work on (1) sex differences in comorbidities and drug administration from electronic health records; (2) the state of sex and gender bias in AI technologies; (3) sex bias assessment in worldwide large repositories of human data; (4) the qualitative analysis of gender bias in AI in the LGBTIQ+ communities.

Bioinfo4Women seminars / BSC Life Session

Venue: Barcelona

Date: 26/05/2022

Time: 12:00 CEST

Host: Alfonso Valencia

Sex and Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence for Health.


Davide Cirillo

Head of the Machine Learning for Biomedical Research Unit at the Life Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Sex and Gender Differences in Brain and Mental Health. Selected use cases on how to tackle them



Simona Mellino

Women's Brain Project Vice President

Abstract: Over the last years, sex and gender differences have been studies across several diseases yet a full elucidation and pratical solutions addressing those are still lacking. The Women’s Brain Project aims is a non-profit organization which has been studying sex and gender differences in brain and mental health for the past year being at the forefront and collaborating with scientists, pharmaceutical companies and policymakers. During this talk we will introduce the work of the Women’s Brain Project and explore 3 use cases of how sex and gender differences can be further elucidated and tackled via non-traditional partnerships with: startups, digital health providers, pharmaceutical companies.

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