Abstract: Every day we see news about advances and the societal impact of AI. AI is changing the way we work, live and solve challenges but concerns about fairness, transparency or privacy are also growing. Ensuring AI ethics is more than designing systems whose results can be trusted. It is about the way we design them, why we design them, and who is involved in designing them. In order to develop and use AI responsibly, we need to work towards technical, societal, institutional and legal methods and tools which provide concrete support to AI practitioners, as well as awareness and training to enable participation of all, to ensure the alignment of AI systems with our societies' principles and values.

Venue: Sala d'Actes de la FiB (B6 Building, Campus Nord) and over Zoom

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Bioinfo4Women seminars / Hybrid SORS

Venue: Barcelona

Date: 16/01/2023

Time: 11:30 CEST

Host: Ulises Cortés

Responsible AI: what is it and why care?


Virginia Dignum

Professor at Department of Computing Science at Umeå University

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