Abstract: Public hospitals in Chile have waiting lists for specialty consultations that are both numerous and with long waiting times. The reason for referral is in the form of unstructured text and therefore it is hard for authorities to know what diseases are being consulted. As a way to automate this process and potentiate the secondary use of information we have started to annotate these referrals with the following entities: clinical finding, abbreviations, body parts, medications and family member. This talk will present preliminary results of this process.

Place: Sala d’actes de la FiB (Campus Nord).

Bioinfo4Women seminars / SORS

Venue: Barcelona

Date: 28/02/2020

Time: 11:00

Host: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Annotating clinical text produced in Chile


Dr. Jocelyn Dunstan

Center for Mathematical Modeling and Center for Medical Informatics, University of Chile

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