In pursuing its objectives the programme undertakes the following activities: 

  1. Provide funding and mentorship to Fellows to support the transition from postdoctoral to independent research leadership positions;
  2. Identify opportunities for Members and Fellows to apply to awards that recognise their scientific career achievements, and support them in the application;
  3. Organise open research seminars by women bioinformaticians within the framework of the BSC Severo Ochoa Research Seminars (SORS) series; 
  4. Provide mentoring opportunities and strategies to foster research career growth to BSC employees in the programme;
  5. Produce a regular newsletter with information on online seminars organised by the B4W at the BSC, international and national conference and symposia relevant to the bioinformatics field, relevant publications on gender issues and science, open positions at the members’ labs/institutions and fellowships and activities organised by the programme and other Members of the programme;
  6. Conduct research on sex and gender bias analysis in computational biology and AI research for personalised medicine applications and scientific practice;
  7. Organise the Advances in Computational Biology Conference: a bi-annual scientific meeting that welcomes women scientists as keynote speakers with the goal of fostering collaboration, make research done by women in Bioinformatics in the broader sense visible, and raise awareness about gender bias in scientific practice;
  8. Organise and promote other actions to achieve the B4W objectives.